Cyber : définition de Cyberbrief

Cyberspace is the global environment, born from the interconnections of information and communications systems.


Cyberspace is bigger than the computer and Internet world. It includes all information systems that support our businesses, infrastructure and services.


It results from the interaction of people, software and services by means of technology devices and networks connected to it, physical or virtual ones. Computers include embedded processors and controllers and electro-magnetic spectrum.

It is created or composed of part or all of the following physical and non-physical components: mechanized and computerized systems, computer and communications networks, programs, computerized information, content conveyed by computer, traffic and supervisory data and those who use such data. It stores, modifies and exchange information.

In military strategy, “Cyberspace, while part of the information environment, is dependent on the physical domains of air, land, maritime, and space” (USA)