Editorial Guidelines

Cyberbrief is a specialized media which aspires to help our economies, states and civil societies achieve better cyber resilience.

We will :

  1. Help leaders cope with “cyber” impacts (compliance, security, resilience, defense, sovereignty, digital ethics…) on their businesses and their organizations, beyond strictly technical approaches.
  2. Facilitate decision-making in a complex and evolving environment that is subject to economic pressures and technological transformations.
  3. Promote an open strategy on cyber-related issues, one that is multi-sectoral and transversal, with business leaders, employees and other economic actors.
  4. Be independent from the economic and governmental cyber security players by ensuring a funding that is mainly provided by our main users.
  5. Federate all those involved in cyber security and digital risk (leaders, experts, officials) and facilitate the production and dissemination of innovative and operational ideas and approaches.
  6. Help employees understand cyber issues, including on their own positions and careers.
  7. Speed up the emergence of a new generation of managers who are able to handle cyber issues.
  8. Spread into mainstream media, through journalists and economy-focused outlets, the keys to understanding cyber issues.