Master the cyber impact

All assets are digital; everything is cyber. Rather than enduring cyberspace, take control and accelerate.

Information and Action

To control the cyber impact.


Control means having optimal information for key actors (leaders, cyber teams, employees) in order to take decisions independently and to involve each stakeholder


Cyber encompasses how our world, our businesses and our economies are currently digitized and will continue be at an exponential rate in the future. This includes the risks that need to be addressed and the measures that must immediately be taken.


Impact means that cyber practices need to be organized not just technically, but even more so in terms of the consequences (organizational, human, ethical).

Get results with Cyberbrief

Your company and your team’s situation is specific. We demonstrate ROI and build your business case.

Exec Weekly Brief

Cyber is now a top management reflex.
Leaders want to take cyber decisions independently and in full knowledge of the impacts. Each week, Cyberbrief provides a brief that is actionable in under 20 minutes. It provides all useful information on cyber issues, focusing on implications and advice on what to decide upon next.

Employee Daily brief

Employees have cyber superpowers. A 3-minute daily brief informs employees on what happens daily. It is the "why" rather than the "how" of cyber-related issues and offers individualized advice. As such, employees become the first line of active defense.

CISO's Daily Brief

CISOs spare valuable time
Every day, numerous cyber-related events happen globally. And this accelerates. Keeping up with these events takes time, tools, and a specialized approach that blends cyber expertise with intelligence and journalism. CISOs get straight to their inbox a shortlist of our worth reading briefs. Organizations then save a lot of time to be refocused on internal projects.